Press Articles

27.12.2016 – Bilkent University on the Launch of KEAC-BSR

11.01.2017 – University of Graz on the Launch of KEAC-BSR (in German language)

14.01.2017 – Batumi SRU on the KO-Workshop (in Georgian language)

24.07.2017 – Regional TV-station KMV-Telekom on a roundtable discussion with KEAC-BSR members in Pyatigorsk (in Russian language)

25.07.2017 – The newspaper “Kavkazskaja zdravnica” on KEAC-BSR-scholars working at Pyatigorsk State University (in Russian language)

18.08.2017 – Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences on its members’ research stay at University of Graz and Batumi State University (in Azerbaijani language)

18.08.2017 – on ANAS’ participation in KEAC-BSR (in Azerbaijani language)

18.08.2017 – SalamNews on the Azeri team’s research in Graz and Batumi (in Azerbaijani language)

18.08.2017 – The Azerbaijan State News Agency on KEAC-BSR (in Azerbaijani language)

18.08.2017 – on ANAS’ contribution to H2020 and KEAC-BSR (in Azerbaijani language)