Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Baku.pngIn 1923 the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established in Baku by initiative of Nariman Narimanov with the aim of conducting scientific research. Nowadays, it is one of the country’s leading research institutions, looking back on rich experiences in both exact sciences and humanities. The institutes of the Academy (e.g. the Archaeology and Ethnography Institute) participated in numerous joint international projects with numerous researchers from the EU, US, Turkey, Japan, South Korea and other countries.


The national coordinator Dr. Zaur Hasanov is senior research associate of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the ANAS. He is specialized on social organization, archaeology, written sources, linguistics, and religion of nomadic people. He relies on a stable network in Azerbaijan and working closely with his colleagues from the Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh Institutions on the problem of cultural interconnections between Asia, Caucasus, Northern Black Sea and Carpatho-Balkan regions in the ancient period.

Prof. Dr. Irada Bagirova is chair of the institute’s “Caucasus History” Department. The scope of her research covers the political history of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, the geopolitics of the Great Powers and the conflicts in the South Caucasus. She is a specialist for Azerbaijan’s oil strategies and the role of the oil factor in modern history and politics.

Dr. Farhad Guliyev is chair of the “Research exposition” department (Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography) of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the ANAS. He conducted various research projects in collaboration with French, German and Japanese research teams.