Joint Volumes

Related to the six work packages of KEAC-BSR, we intend to publish a series of six books that deals with the development of knowledge exchange and academic cultures in the humanities from the mid-18th to the 21st century. All books will be made available on an open access basis on the project’s website as well as via book repositories such as

Every book from this series will be edited from an expert (or a team of experts) on the era under investigation. S/he or they will thereby manage a reviewing process, where two reviewers are chosen from both within and outside the project’s extended advisory board. In case of a disagreement between the two reviewers, the editors will make the final decisions.

1. Europe and the Black Sea Region. A History of Early Knowledge Exchange (1750-1850), edited by Dominik Gutmeyr and Karl Kaser (LIT, 2018)

2. Institution Building and Research under Foreign Domination. Europe and the Black Sea Region (early 19th – early 20th centuries), edited by Iakovos D. Michailidis and Giorgos Antoniou (Epikentro, 2019)

3. Migration, Knowledge Exchange and Academic Cultures: Europe and the Black Sea Region before World War I, edited by Biljana Ristovska-Josifovska (Matica, forthcoming, 2020)

4. Dependency and Independency of Academic Cultures. The Interwar Black Sea Region, edited by Sergii Glebov and Olga Brusylovska (Astroprint, forthcoming, 2020)

5. Knowledge and Ideological Frontlines. Europe and the Black Sea Region after World War II, (special issue of Balkanistic Forum, 1/2021)

6. Knowledge Exchange and Academic Cultures in Transition. Europe and the Black Sea Region in the Digital Age (2021)