WP3: Independent and semi-independent academic cultures in the BSR (until WWI and its aftermaths)


  1. To outline the processes of the emergence of independent and semi-independent academic cultures within the BSR until WWI.
  2. To research on the backgrounds, discussions and motivation behind the foundation of chairs at BSR universities.
  3. To analyse the role of international conferences, congresses and fairs on knowledge transfer and exchange within the BSR and the (self-) representation of BSR countries towards/by Western Europe.
  4. To reflect on the role of knowledge within a Russian internal colonialism.
  5. To prominently voice women’s roles in the BSR’s scientific world.
  6. To compare the different processes of pre-war knowledge institutionalization along an analysis of the increasing number of founded universities, especially in the Balkan parts of the BSR.
  7. To research on the establishment of international journals and discuss their role in transporting ideas within the BSR.
  8. To analyse the development of photography as well as the emerging medium of film within the framework of representation in and of the BSR.