INH Skopje (21.03.2018) – The Beginnings of Macedonian Academic Research and Institution Building


Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Skopje

The Beginnings of Macedonian Academic Research and Institution Building (19th ‒ early 20th century)

Skopje, 21 March 2018


11:30: Opening

Presentation “Travelogue of the Macedonian Team” (Presentation of the Macedonian team’s work in KEAC-BSR in 2017)

12:30:   Opening of the exhibition “Beginnings of Macedonian Institutions, Research and Associations through Photography”

13:00   Workshop

Silvana Sidorovska-Chupovska

The First Cultural-Educational Institutions in Macedonia as a Basis for the Future Academic Culture (until the Beginning of the 20th Century)

Liljana Guševska

The First Macedonian Academic Linguistic Researches in European Context (19th and Early 20th Century)

Sašo Cvetkovski

Debar-Mijak’s Zograf School and the Knowledge Transfer in Regional Context of the 19th Century

Katerina Petrovska-Kuzmanovska

The Beginnings of Folkloristic-Ethnographic Researches in Macedonia

Nataša Didenko

Atanas Badev and the Beginnings of Macedonian Musicology

Coffee break

Blaže Ristovski

Attempts to Open the Higher School in Skopje

Dragi Gjorgiev

Secular Versus Religious: the Education of Muslims in Skopje in the Second Half of the 19th  Century

Biljana Ristovska-Josifovska

The Cultural Associations of Macedonians as a Core of Initial Academic Researches

Vladimir Janev

The Relation Between the Guild Organization and Establishment of Intellectual Elite in Macedonia