WP4: The BSR between dependency and independency of academic cultures (interwar period)


  1. To research on the implications of the forceful integration of the South Caucasus into the Soviet Union on the development of local academic cultures.
  2. To discuss the importance of the BSR’s first women in scientific leading positions.
  3. To analyse the role of Socialism and the Communist International in the transfer of ideas within the BSR.
  4. To discuss Western European political discussions of the BSR such as in Karl Kautsky’s works on Georgia.
  5. To research on the background and implications of bourgeois concepts in the Balkan parts of the BSR.
  6. To analyse the role of conferences in the framework of the Balkan Entente and of related associations.
  7. To focus on the increasing importance of emigration as a factor in knowledge exchange and transfer.
  8. To analyse the transition of an Ottoman to a Turkish academic culture and the implications of it for the BSR.