I: A History of Early Knowledge Exchange (1750-1850)

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Dominik Gutmeyr and Karl Kaser, eds. 2018. Europe and the Black Sea Region. A History of Early Knowledge Exchange (1750-1850).

LIT 2018


Karl Kaser and Dominik Gutmeyr – Introduction: Europe and the Black Sea Region. A History of Early Knowledge Exchange (1750–1850)


Michaela Wolf – A Voyage into Cultural Translation: Oscillating between East and West in Lady Mary Montagu’s Turkish Embassy Letters (1763)

Zaur Hasanov – The Prehistory of Knowledge Exchange between the Caucasus, the Black Sea Region and Central Europe: First Millennium BC

Andreas Golob – Itinerant Informants and Circulating Information: Insights into the Black Sea Region in Central-European Media

Vladimir Janev – The Role of Trade in Macedonian Towns up to 1850: Modes and Methods for the Dissemination of Knowledge

Biljana Ristovska-Josifovska – The Macedonian Traditional Knowledge System at the Crossroads of Imperial Influences (from the early 18th to the mid-19th century)


Dominik Gutmeyr – Decentring Innovation: Circulation of Knowledge and Early (Russian) Photography

Wojciech Sajkowski – The Depiction of the Western Black Sea Region in French Military Documents from the Napoleonic Era

Dragi Gjorgiev – Knowledge Transfer among Muslim Communities in Ottoman Balkan Society: Cultural and Social Aspects based on the Case Study of Two Dictionaries from 1827 and 1836/37

Gor H. Yeranyan – Armenian Printing as a Means of Mastering European Thought and Knowledge (late 18th to mid-19th century)


Ioannis N. Grigoriadis – Minority Debates on the Future of the Ottoman Empire: Greek and Armenian Nationalist Thought

Greta Nikoghosyan – The Activities of the Mekhitarist Congregation in Venice and their Literary Translations from French to Armenian (late 18th and early 19th centuries)

Yana Volkova – The Role of Diasporic Communities in the Development of the Odessa Region

Svetlana V. Koch – The National Self-Determination Projects of Greece and Bulgaria: The Role of Ethnic Bessarabian Diasporas


Stavris Parastatov and Alla Kondrasheva – Academic Studies of the Black Sea Region and the Northwest Caucasus (second half of the 18th to the early 19th century)

Anastasiya Pashova and Petar Vodenicharov – ‘The Russian Saint-Cyr’ and the Beginning of Female Education in Russia: Institutes for Noble Maidens (1764–1796)

Mariyana Piskova – The Birth of the Archive in Bulgarian Society in the Framework of the
Ottoman Empire (late 18th century – end of the 1860s)

Harald Heppner – The Habsburgs and the Black Sea Region: A Continental Approach

Gayane Ayvazyan – The Adaptation and Localization of Modern Intellectual Experience by the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople (second half of 18th and first half of 19th centuries)