Peer Review

For all its publications, KEAC-BSR provides a peer review procedure. If not predefined by the publishing house or the journal’s editors, the procedure foresees a blind peer review whereby the author receives two reviews for his/her submitted paper. After clearing an initial screening, the reviews are organized by the editors of the publication in question (see below) and foresee one review by an expert on the topic from within the project’s consortium and one review by an expert on the topic from outside the project who must not have any previous link to the contributing author. All reviewers are provided with a form that has been elaborated by the KEAC-BSR advisory board and are asked to eventually suggest the publication’s editors to make one of the following five decisions based on their review:

  • Accept without any changes. The paper is ready to be included in the publication.
  • Accept with minor revisions. If the author makes smaller changes, the paper will be included in the publication.
  • Accept after major revisions. A conditional acceptance, provided the author makes the changes requested by the reviewer.
  • Revise and resubmit. The paper has major shortcomings but is partly promising so that the editors are advised to request a resubmitted version of the paper.
  • Reject. The paper should not be included in the publication.


KEAC-BSR 1: Editors Karl Kaser and Dominik Gutmeyr. Europe and the Black Sea Region. A History of Early Knowledge Exchange (1750-1850). LIT 2018.

KEAC-BSR 2: Editors Iakovos Michailidis and Giorgos Antoniou. Institution Building and Research under Foreign Domination. Europe and the Black Sea Region (early 19th – early 20th centuries)Epikentro 2019.

KEAC-BSR 3: Editor Biljana Ristovska-Josifovska. Migration, Knowledge Exchange and Academic Cultures. Europe and the Black Sea Region before WWI. Matica 2020.

KEAC-BSR 4: Editors Olga Brusylovska, Sergii Glebov and Yana Volkova. Between Dependency and Independency of Academic Cultures. The Interwar Black Sea Region. Astroprint 2021.

KEAC-BSR 5: Editors Kristina Popova and Nurie Muratova. Knowledge and Ideological Frontlines. Europe and the Black Sea Region after WW II. = Balkanistic Forum 1/2021.

KEAC-BSR 6: In Planning.