WP1: Emerging knowledge transfer in the BSR (late 18th – early 19th century)


  1. To elaborate a joint theoretical model on knowledge transfer and exchange within the BSR.
  2. To research and outline the role of the BSR as a research field for foreign researchers and to compare the external representations. To reflect on the BSR as a sphere of imperial interests with related implications of colonization and homogenization processes on knowledge production and transfer.
  3. To compile and comment the early accounts on the BSR by Western European scholars and analyse these works influence and longevity.
  4. To analyse the influence of traditional knowledge systems and regimes as well as the relationship between (Western) European and Ottoman scientific traditions.
  5. To investigate the entanglement of non-scientific and scientific knowledge in the BSR.
  6. To analyse the manifestation of knowledge within an increasing number of types of publications.
  7. To critically reflect the representation of women across the BSR region in a men-dominated scientific world.