V: Knowledge and Ideologies (post WWII)

Petar Vodenicharov, ed. Knowledge and Ideologies. Europe and the Black Sea Region after World War II. Balkanistic Forum 2021, no. 1.


Irada Baghirova – Academic Historiography in Azerbaijan at the Crossroads of Time (1989-1991)

Alla Kondrasheva and Stavros Parastatov – The Process of Westernization of the Balkans after WWII: The Cases of Greece and Bulgaria

Gayane Ayvazyan – The History of the Early Modern Period Turkish Armenians in Soviet Historiography

Memed Sarp Solakoğlu and Begüm Hergüvenç – Turkish Historiography on the Forced Migration of the Turks of Bulgaria to Turkey of 1989

Nataliya Borys – Let’s Talk about Archives. Archival Gordial Knot in the Soviet Ukrainian-Polish Collaboration (the 1950s-1960s)

Marine Aroshidze and Nino Aroshidze – The Role of the Language Priorities in Development of Society

Georgeta Nazarska – Opportunities for an Academic Career of Women Scientists at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (mid 1940s-1980s)

Marine Sioridze and Ketevan Svanidze – European Ideals and National Identity in Georgian Emigrant Literature of the XX Century

George Gotsiridze – Georgian Historians and the Ideological Confrontation between East and West

Sylwia Siedlecka – The Institutionalization of the Bulgarian Circus between 1944 and 1957

Claudia-Florentina Dobre – The Patrimonialization of the Communist Past in Romania: Laws, Memorials, and Monuments

Tamar Lekaidze – Ideological Impact on Social-Economic Development of the Region of Tusheti (Georgia) after WWII

Ana Luleva – The Bulgarian International Tourism during Late Socialism. Between Class-Party Ideology and Economic Interest

Emzar Makaradze – The Role of Women in the Educational System of Turkey after WWII

Pavel Krejčí, Elena Krejčová, Nadezhda Stalyanova – A (Non)Existing Language – Serbo-Croatian after WWII

Book Reviews

Claudia-Florentina Dobre: “The Socialist Good Life. Desire, Developement and Standards of Living in Eastern Europe”, ed. by C. Scarboro, D. Mincytė, Z. Gille.

Valentin Kitanov: “Drzhavata ot drevnostta do modernata epokha”, Kostadin Paev.

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