Visual Anthropology 2019

Training course in visual anthropology for PhD-students

by Karl Kaser (Graz) and Mariyana Piskova (Blagoevgrad)


The Seminar for PhD student aims at presenting the role of the films in the cultural and scientific exchange and interaction between Europe and the countries of the Black sea region in the early years of the cinema and the time after the First World War. The task of the Seminar is to provoke the students to take part in the discussions about the significance of the researches on the visual anthropology in Black sea region.

The cinema appeared in the condition of increased technical development and urbanization of the society and quickly turned into a means of mass communication and international cultural exchange. The authorities realized its potential for influencing the masses and instrumentalized it for the purposes of state propaganda. Images gained more significance in the process of exchange of knowledge. On them different cultural traditions, generational characteristcs, gender features were projected in the process of their creation and reception. That is way by the language of films the interactions and mutual influences in the transfer of knowledge of the film professionals – directors, operators, actors, painters, composers, musicians – can be followed. Using archive materials the reception and the attitude of the audiences can be analyzed as well as the political influences and the use of cinema for political purposes.

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