Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University

Pyatigorsk.pngPyatigorsk State Linguistic University (PSLU) was founded in 1939 and today, it is a major innovative educational and research centre of Southern Russia, widely known in the country and abroad under the brand name “The University that opens and transforms the world”. PSLU is one of only three universities in Russia that specialize in teaching foreign languages, it is oriented towards and beyond the Black Sea and the Caucasus region, and is the leading Liberal Arts University in Southern Russia. It is the university of creative ideas, creative professions, creative practices and technologies.


Involved Researchers:

The national coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alla Kondrasheva is senior researcher at the Department of Scientific Research. Her research is focused on the study of cultural, economic and socio-political processes in the Central and Eastern Caucasus as well as in the Balkans. A special interest is the research on common traditions of native peoples living in the Eastern Black Sea Region in respect to their traditional forms of rule, hierarchies and cultural habits as well as their adaptions to Soviet and post-Soviet realities.

Doc. Dr. Stavris V. Parastatov is Associate professor of the Chair of International relations. A political historian by education, he researches on geopolitical questions addressing both the Balkans and the North Caucasus and is specialized in the history of Russo-Greek relations.