III: Migration and Knowledge Exchange until WWI

Biljana Ristovska-Josifovska, ed. 2021. Migration, Knowledge Exchange and Academic Cultures in  Europe and the Black Sea Region until World War I. Skopje: Institute of National History.


Biljana Ristovska-Josifovska: “Introduction. Knowledge Exchange through Migration until World War I”

I. Crossroads of Migration and Knowledge Exchange

Karl Kaser: “Migration, Knowledge Exchange, and Academic Cultures: Europe and the Black Sea Region”

Alla Kondrasheva and Stavris Parastatov: “Female Academic Migration of Students of the Russian Empire to European Universities: Gender, Historical and Cultural Aspects (Mid-19th to Early 20th Centuries)

Ketevan Phutkaradze and Tamaz Phutkaradze: “Kartvelian Studies Abroad and Georgian Researcher Immigrants in the Context of Academic Knowledge Exchange”

II. Role of Emigration Communities in the Exchange of Knowledge and Ideas

Biljana Ristovska-Josifovska: “Macedonian Intelligentsia through Migration towards the Black Sea Region until World War I”

Marine Aroshidze and Nino Aroshidze: “Linguistic Situation and Linguistic Policy in the Migration Process in the Caucasus at the End of the 19th and Beginning of the 20th Centuries”

Nargiz F. Akhundova: “The Stages of Development of Turkic Ideas in Azerbaijan from the End of 19th Century through the End of World War I”

Irada Baghirova: “Azerbaijani Intelligentsia and the National Movement in the Pre-War Period”

III. Visualization between Art and Introduction of Scientific Achievements

Atanas Čuposki: “The Manaki Brothers and the Great War”

Manuchar Loria: “Ethnographic Sketches in Georgian Photo and Cinema Art (the First Quarter of the 20th Century)

Mariyana Piskova: “<I am a Nansen Artist>. Archavir Chakatouny (1882-1957)”

Dominik Gutmeyr: “The Oil Book and the Beginnings of Photography in Imperial Baku. Co-Constructing Knowledge in an Industrialising City”

IV. Migration and National Academic Facilities

Nataša Didenko: “The Professional Music Educators and the Organized Music Life in Macedonia through Migration in Europe and Black Sea Region (Prior to World War I)

Marinela Paraskova Mladenova: “The Price of Being among the ‘Chosen’. On the Beginning of University Education in Azerbaijan”

Oksana Mykytenko: “The Role of Alexander Muzychenko in the Ukrainian Ethnological Studies of Crimean Bulgarians”

Valentina Kolesnik: “The Education System in the German and Bulgarian Villages of the Northern Black Sea Region (in the Late 19th – Early 20th Century)


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