Academic Papers

  1. Angelova, Milena (2018): Russian Orientalism and the Rise of Kurdish Studies
  2. Angelova, Milena (2018): Healing with Mud: “European” Balneology and Mud Therapy in Bulgaria during the First Half of the 20th Century
  3. Muratova, Nurie & Popova, Kristina (2018): Muslims in Serbia and Bulgaria Through the View of an Indian Traveler
  4. Muratova, Nurie (2018): The Beginnings of University Education for Women in the Russian Empire
  5. Pashova, Anastasiya & Vodenicharov, Petar (2018): The First State Female School in Europe as Presented in Russian Historiography
  6. Popova, Kristina (2018): In the Utopia of the Protective Inhibition
  7. Archives: “The Memories of Dr. Yosif Lyubenov about the Healing Practices in the Тown of Kyustendil During the 1860s”
  8. Archives: “The one Lesson for the Bulgarians to Learn is Simply this: let them Abide by the Law of Europe”