Matenadaran Yerevan (02.02.2018) – Traveling within the Black Sea Region

11:00 – 11:15*: Opening

Workshop opening by Gayane Ayvazyan & Dominik Gutmeyr (Coordinators of “Travel-BSR: Traveling within the Black Sea Region”)

11.15 – 11.55: Research Activity as a Motive for Travel Notes (Chaired by Kristina Popova)

Milena Angelova
Yezidis among Kurds and Armenians. The journey of Moritz Wagner in the Caucasus in the 40s of the 19th century

Petar Parvanov
The trips of M. Kovalevsky and S. Bobchev as a way of exploring Europe and the Caucasus

Mariyana Piskova
Arsho Shahatuni (1885-1957) between Armenia and France, crossing the Balkans and the Caucasus


12.15 – 13.00: Seaching for a Genre (Chaired by Greta Nikoghosyan)

Kristina Popova
Female travellers and travelogues in the late 19th and 20th century

Gayane Ayvazyan
The novel “Kayseri” of Vahan Tekeian: Travelogue or a Diary?

Tamaz Phutkaradze
Foreign Travellers on Georgia



* Armenian local time (GMT+4)