Moldova State University

Moldova2.jpgMoldova State University was founded on October 1, 1946 as the State University of Chisinau. Its creation was a milestone for the development, strengthening and consolidation of the higher education of the country. The MSU is a classic type of institution and its noble mission is to offer qualitative education and training of highly skilled specialists. Since July 20, 2006, the Moldova State University has become a profile member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Today, the University has over 100 000 graduates of various faculties and specialties. During all these years the MSU has prepared the biggest part of the intellectual elite of the Republic of Moldova.

A key pillar of USM is the Philosophy and Anthropology Department, which is specialized on contemporary philosophical discourses, contemporary civilizational processes, hermeneutics and phenomenology, and philosophy as therapy. Also the Centre’s qualitative research in anthropology provides qualitative and anthropological researches for various stakeholders from the Republic of Moldova and abroad, state institutions or NGOs interested in the study of humanities, society and different other processes related to the transformation of it. Another centre at MSU’s History and Philosophy Faculty is the “Centre of Qualitative Research in Anthropology”. The key focus of the Centre is set on anthropological questions through a multidisciplinary methodology set.

Involved Researchers:

The national coordinator Prof. Dr. Eudochia Saharneanu is the head of the Department of Anthropology and Philosophy. The topic of her scientific research is related to socio-cultural anthropology, social philosophy, philosophical anthropology and philosophy of culture.

Mag. Vera Erhan is assistant lecturer at Moldova State University. Her main research fields are sociocultural anthropology and developmental anthropology. She is involved in all research projects made by the “Centre of Qualitative Research in Anthropology”.