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For anyone reading Romanian and interested in a few of the many different aspects of knowledge exchange and our project’s research, we have five teasers to offer on with Claudia-Florentina Dobre writing about the Soviet past in today’s Armenia, Liviu Iancu’s take on exchange about archaeological experience in Azerbaijan, Maria Mateoniu-Micu giving an insight on church, state and society in Soviet Armenia, Dominik Gutmeyr pointing out the potential of research on photography in imperial Baku and Antoine Heemeryck on Russia between conservatism and cosmopolitanism.

Screenshot_2020-06-15 LaPunkt - Despre lumea in care traim

Virtual Conference (24.04.)

Our next (fifth overall but first virtual) conference on “Knowledge and Ideological Frontlines. Europe and the Black Sea Region after World War II” will take place this Friday (24.04.) on the online platform of SWU Blagoevgrad. If you’re interested in joining the online debates, please contact us under and we’ll provide you with all technical information. We’re starting at 9:00 (Eastern European Time). Stay safe!

Program: Knowledge and Ideological Frontlines

We are happy to provide you with the program of our upcoming conference on “Knowledge and Ideological Frontlines. Europe and the Black Sea Region after World War II”. Given the present situation of Covid-19 spreading all across the continent, we are currently also looking into alternative ways of exchanging ideas if the developments in the next few weeks does not allow us to come together at SW-University Blagoevgrad after all.

Workshop Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the spread of Covid-19 we are forced to cancel the workshop “Visual Representations of Femininities and Masculinities: The Balkans and South Caucasus in the Digital Age” which was supposed to take place at University of Graz this week. We are looking into alternative forms of presenting the intriguing research upon which this workshop would have been based. Stay tuned.