WP1 – Joint Research at Pyatigorsk State University

The H2020-RISE-project KEAC-BSR is based on a funding scheme that promotes international collaboration through research and innovation staff exchanges, and sharing of knowledge and ideas aiming at a shared culture of research and innovation.

The first work package “Emerging Knowledge Transfer in the Black Sea Region” is also the starting point of an exchange of expertise within the project’s consortium of twelve scientific institutions, while at this stage the main transfer of ideas and expertise comes to and from Pyatigorsk State University (Russian Federation) and University of Graz (Austria).

This first post of a series to follow as well as the images enclosed give an insight into the joint research conducted at Pyatigorsk State University. Scholars from Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Georgia and Moldova (with Greek, Turkish and Romanian researchers yet to come to Pyatigorsk) are currently working at the project’s Russian partner institution together with their hosting colleagues to research on the early development and transfer of modern sciences to, from and within the Black Sea Region (ca. 1750-1850). The overall attempt is to systematically investigate knowledge and cultural exchanges between the Black Sea Region and Western Europe from the mid-18th century. The results of this first stage of the project KEAC-BSR will then be openly discussed at the conference “Knowledge Exchange. Europe and the Black Sea Region, ca. 1750 – 1850.” at University of Graz (29.-30.09.2017). More details on the first work package, the conference as well as on the project’s overall aims can be found on www.blacksearegion.eu