CfP: Conference at IHU Thessaloniki (School of Humanities), 20-21 April 2018

Call for Papers: “Institution building and research under foreign domination. Europe and the Black Sea Region, early 19th-early 20th centuries”

Conference organized by

International Hellenic University, School of Humanities

14th km Thessaloniki, 57001 Thermi, Greece

20-21 April 2018


Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15.01.2018

When the transfer of modern sciences to and the study of the Black Sea Region (BSR) began in the late 18th century, this area was not yet considered part of Europe. Because of the fact that the BSR has not been conceived as a historical region before the onset of the post-socialist transition period a systematic investigation of knowledge and culture exchange as well as of academic cultures within and beyond the region is completely missing. The conference seeks to open the floor for debates on forms of knowledge and culture exchange within the BSR and beyond from the early 19th to the early 20th century, when the emerging scientific institutions were dominated by “European” researchers and a first generation of native researchers trained outside the region. It aims to investigate knowledge and cultural exchanges between the BSR and Western Europe in a time of political and cultural hegemonies of the European Powers, a changing geopolitical landscape due to the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire in Southeastern Europe and in a time of increasing institutionalization of academic research in the BSR.

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