CfP: Round Table “Experiment, Power, Society” (SWU Blagoevgrad, 23.-24.03.2018)

The International University Seminar for Balkan Studies and Specialization to South-West University “Neofit Rilski”, Blagoevgrad invites you to take part in the 27th International Round Table on “EXPERIMENT, POWER, SOCIETY”, organized in the framework of the project “Knowledge Exchange and Academic Cultures. Europe and the Black Sea Region” and taking place on 23.03.–24.03.2018 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

We offer to discuss:
* Knowledge and power (Michel Foucault)
* The experiment and the birth of the modern science
* Social engineering, science and ideological power
* Scientific paradigms and innovations – West and East
* Science, technology, society: the “objects” of social experiment
* Modern technologies, social changes, symbolic power (literature, science, art)
* The new media, propaganda and new power
* Language collapses and reforms – standardization and innovation
* Discovery – geographical, social and political dimensions
* Power on nature: ecological experiments and consequences
* National projects – Revival, Enlightenment, Reformation
* The life of laboratory
* Youth and pedagogical experiments
* The appearance of international organizations – national and global power
* Center and periphery – diffusion of social and political models
* Women in science, female education and feminism
* Archives and the hidden power
* Ethics of experiment
* Audit culture, control and University

Please send your proposals and abstracts to by 01.03.2018.

For further details please also check

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