Muratova, Nurie & Popova, Kristina (2018): Muslims in Serbia and Bulgaria Through the View of an Indian Traveler

Muratova, Nurie; Popova, Kristina (2018): “Каквото знаем, ще го напишем“. Мюсюлманите в Сърбия и България през погледа на един пътешественик от Индия”, in: Balkanistic Forum, 1/2018; 373-390.

Abstract: The travel notes of Abdurrahman Seoharvi about his journey in August 1912 in the Balkan countries (Bulgaria and Serbia) are a specific view toward these countries in the eve of the Balkan wars 1912-1913. Inspired by publications about Muslims in China and Russia he was interested to see and describe places, towns and people, cultural and religious relationships and costumes, educational progress of the Muslim population in the Balkans. The traveler from India spent several days in Belgrade, Nish, Sofia, Plovdiv and other places and met people especially from the Muslim societies in the visited towns. The travel notes of Abdurrahman Seoharvi were published in English language after coming back to India in the “Comrade” newspaper in Delhi. The publications were found by Prof. Dr. Satinder Kumar Vij, a famous expert of the cultural contacts studies between India and Bulgaria. Dr. Vij found them in the process of his research in Indian libraries and archives of documents about Bulgarian and Balkan history.

(Original article in Bulgarian language)