Popova, Kristina (2018): In the Utopia of the Protective Inhibition

Popova, Kristina (2018): “In the Utopia of the Protective Inhibition: The Initiative of Makarovo Hospital of Introducing the “Curative – Protective Regime” Concept Based on Pavlov’s Theory (1950-1955)” In: Balkanistic Forum, 2/2018; 89-111.

Abstract: The paper presents the attempt to elaborate a new hospital regime based on the interpretation of the physiology theory of the Russian and Soviet scientist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov and its spread according to the decisions of the so called “Pavlov’s Session” in Moscow (1950) for transformation of the medical education and practical work. The impact of the “Pavlov’s session” is not ignored in the recent historical research of the Stalin era but it’s strong impact in the practical medical work remained out of the mainstream attention although the medical practices were not outside of the Soviet ideological system. One of the main practical inventions which followed the session was the elaboration of the so called Curative – Protective Hospital Regime in USSR (first experimented in the small Makarov’s hospital near Kiev) which was, propagated proclaimed as a norm and introduced in the hospitals in an administrative way. This regime was based on the explanation of the etiology of deceases according to the official interpretation of the Ivan Petrovich Pavlov’s theory about the High Nervous activity. Important social diseases like hypertonic disease, ulcer were seen as caused by a misbalance between the cortex processes of excitement and inhibition. The idea was to support the so called protective inhibition as a tool to minimize this imbalance. It was in the core of the Curative – Protective Hospital Regime which was expressed in the practical work in a “struggle for silence”, for coziness in the hospital chambers and more time for patient’s sleep. A whisper mode of speech was also established. The paper tries to find out how those concepts, prescriptions, practices and norms were propagated and introduced. The main sources for the research are Soviet medical periodicals, practical instructions and guides. The paper presents also the introduction of the Curative – Protective Hospital Regime in Bulgaria based on Bulgarian medical periodicals. 

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