Georgian Newspapers on Schuchardt

Georgian scientists followed Hugo Schuchardt’s publications on the Georgian language as newspapers of that period indicate. Schuchardt’s surname as well as his book titles is given in German language, i.e. in Latin letters.


2.1 ‘Iveria’ 16 September 1895

This column informs the readership of the publication of Hugo Schuchardt’s book Uber das Georgiche (sic!) in Vienna. At the end of the message, it is stressed that the author dedicated his book to professor P. Melikishvili.

2.2 ‘Iveria’ 21 September 1895

Five days later, the newspaper included another brief comment on the book Übed das Georgische (sic!) by Hugo Schuchardt. The author highlights the great importance of this work for the development of Kartvelology.

2.3 ‘Iveria’ 17 November 1895

Later in 1895, Iveria commented on a letter by Hugo Schuchardt to professor P. Melikishvili in which the former commented on the role of the native language. The editorial team notified that Melikishvili would soon publish the letter by Schuchardt in Georgian.


2.4 ‘Bulletin of the Ajara Archive’

The Georgian interest in the study of the works of Hugo Schuchardt remains high to this day. After having worked at University of Graz, Austria, Prof. Tamaz Putkaradze published an article on the role of Hugo Schuchardt in securing ancient Georgian manuscripts (7th– 11thcenturies) today kept in the special collections of University of Graz’s library.

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