Simeon of Poland

Biography: Simeon of Poland was born in the family of Hovhannes and Dovlat in 1584. The family migrated from Feodosia to Lviv in the second half of the 16th century. Simeon received his primarily education in Zamoshtsh, then he improved it in Constantinople (Istanbul). Simeon’s wish to travel emerged while he was studying: he dreamed to travel under the influence of the books that he read.

The travel accounts of Simeon describe the route Lviv-Constantinople-Izmir-Constantinople-Venice-Rome-Mush-Cairo-Jerusalem-Aleppo-Constantinople-Lviv. It was written with the aim to create a guide for the pilgrims. Thus, the travelogue mentions in detail the distance between roads, important sanctuaries, famous buildings, as well as traditions of people inhabiting the places he was passing by.





Sebastya (Sivas)




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