Zheni otvad arhiva / Women beyond the Archive

You read Bulgarian? Then we have a fantastic publication for you: The sixth volume of the series “DocWoment”, published with University of Blagoevgrad Press, addresses “Women beyond the Archive. Invisible Histories of Women in Bulgaria”. You can find the open access e-book right here.

Written by Nurie Muratova, the monograph focuses on researching the archives of and for women in Bulgaria. The proposed model encompasses the chronological framework of the period of the communist regime and considers the historical conditions of the founding of the State Historical Archives in 1951. The object of the study are the archives of women vis a vis the traditional historical archives. Nurie Muratova looks to outline the presence of the history of women and women’s lifes in the documental heritage. The purpose of the research is to define the models of archive availability in Bulgaria, related to the history of women and more specifically to define the historiographic situation in the sphere of researching gender and the history of women.

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