New Publication: Migration and Knowledge Exchange

We’re thrilled to have a new publication in our hands and on our screens: “Migration, Knowledge Exchange and Academic Cultures. Europe and the Black Sea Region until World War I”, edited by Biljana Ristovska-Josifovska, has just come out! It is available on an open access basis on our website and via Zenodo.

It addresses issues on movement as a base of knowledge exchange, shedding new light on knowledge policies and the establishment of national training facilities, with specific emphasis on the humanities. Austrian, Russian, Macedonian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Azerbaijani scholars, coming from geographically, politically and culturally distant academic fields, investigate the complex modes of interaction at macro level and micro level through various disciplines, methodologies and approaches.

The book investigates the exchange of knowledge and science in correlation with the population movements across borders, scientific advancements conveyed through the transfer of objects and the exchange of knowledge in practical contexts between the Black Sea Region and Western Europe. It initiates research on the development of Black Sea Region academic cultures, developed through the exchange of knowledge through wars and migrations. Each section intends to position a distinguished problematic: crossroads of migration and knowledge exchange, role of emigration communities in the exchange of knowledge and ideas, visualization between art and introduction of scientific achievements, as well as migration and national academic facilities. This publication contributes the first systematic research of the exchange of knowledge in academic cultures through migration, thereby analysing the role of migration in the processes of the emergence of independent and semi-independent academic cultures, as well as those under foreign domination in the early 20th century until World War I within the Black Sea Region.

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