New Publication

We’re more than happy to share another KEAC-BSR-publication with you as the new issue of ‘Balkanistic Forum’ (edited by Nurie Muratova and Kristina Popova) has just come out and it’s a beauty. In twelve papers, the contributors shed light on “biographies, barriers, and self-fulfillment” of women in science in the Black Sea Region. As always, the volume is openly accessible on our website: Nurie Muratova and Kristina Popova (eds.): Women in Science in Times of Changes: Biographies, Barriers, Self-Fulfillment.

The aim of the volume is to present the place of women in education, science and exchange of knowledge in the complicated and politically contradictive world of the Black Sea Region in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, revealing the particular cultural, social and political context. The aim is to underline the role of women scholars in changing the traditional male domination in scientific worlds, discourses, and institutions. There are stories of significant female personalities from Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine in the fields of science and knowledge production through their biographical trajectories and their struggle for education and recognition.

There are biographical papers but also conceptual contributions and papers which are focused on the intersection of different forms of inequalities (gender, class, religion etc.) as well as on the role of different women networks (informal, international, and others) for overcoming barriers in their life and scientific carriers and surviving political turbulences.

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